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Trophy Design

From University Trophy Designs to the Florida Derby Trophy, it is always an amazing experience to look at the final piece.

Horse Racing
Florida Derby Trophy_edited.png

The new design for the Florida Derby is modeled to resemble a rough diamond that is about to show its true brilliancy after being cut. Such as the winner of the Florida Derby will be propelled to the Kentucky Derby and fame. 

Florida Derby Trophy.jpg

Genera Award to
Enterprise Leadership

The design for the Genera Award for Enterprise Leadership is modeled to after the letter G of the Genera group. The inside part of the prize is made of brushed silver and the outline made of shinny polished silver for the spark of excellence that few can achieve. 

University Trophy Design, Premio Genera Anahuac.png

Crea Prize for Communicator of the Year to
Pedro Ferriz de Con

The new design for the Crea Communicator of the Year Award is modeled to resemble a the 2 bubbles associated with chats and messengers, while the came completes one of the chat's bubbles, modeled in shiny Silver. 

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